IFR Flight Training Timer with Magnet


✔ Large Screen, Easily readable, just a simple timer.
✔ Rear Magnet,
✔Standard countdown timer, Start from zero and count up & count down from a specific assigned time.
✔ Uses 1AAA Battery (Not included)


 Aviator Timer Magnetic Countdown Up. 99 minutes 59 seconds (1h 40 min.) counting up/down digital magnetic kitchen timer with setting memory.
Flight Timer with Magnet has been designed to meet the needs of all aviators, from student pilots working on their first cross-country to flight instructors.
Pilots will be able to accurately calculate time to the next waypoint, fuel tank changes, turns in holding or an instrument approach with complete confidence.

Push and hold button over 3 seconds then the time will fast forward.
After the time has expired, hitting the stop/reset button will automatically reset the timer to the last set time.
Approach/holding timer allows pilots to calculate the time, especially for non-precision approaches and holding patterns inbound and outbound timing.


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