ALL IN ONE : VFR Navigation Planning Set


ALL IN ONE: VFR Navigation Planning Set for Student Pilots


👉 ALL IN ONE: VFR Navigation Planning Set (E6B Flight Computer, Rotary Plotter, VFR Navigation Planning Poster)

👉 This handy set has been designed to meet all your needs and help you better understand how easy to prepare the VFR NAV Log. 

👉 These products are a cost-efficient way for you to provide them with valuable training and yet sturdy enough to be used for multiple classes over the years. This model E6B will calculate things as well as any in the navigation plan, along with the Rotary Plotter.

👉 Private/Instrument/Commercial/Helicopter Pilot Initial Training requires studying, understanding and memorizing and so many aviation weather terms ranging from steps for VFR Navigation Log (This is a must for ongoing flight training), VFR route planning, requirements to Winds/Temps Data, Cruse Performance Charts, Definition of Variation &Deviation, Weight and Balance (W&B), How to calculate Airplane Takeoff Distance Roll for a safe takeoff, associated with the current temperature and pressure altitude.

👉For private pilot certification, the FAA requires a minimum of three hours of cross-country flight training as well as 5 hours of solo cross-country time, including one solo cross-country flight of at least 150 nautical miles total distance. There is also a requirement that the three hours of night training include one-night cross-country of over 100 nautical miles total distance.

👉For all aforementioned flights, you will need this handy set to calculate all the things requested by Flight Instructor & Examiner. Additionally, a copy of the pilots operating handbook (POH) for the airplane you intend to fly.

👉 This Poster is called ‘VFR Navigation Planning, W&B, Airplane Takeoff Distance ` and covers the essential VFR Navigation Terms, definitions and techniques. The main purpose of VFR Navigation Planning, W&B, and Airplane Takeoff Distance Poster is to give you some self-confidence during your training period and help visualize the subject matters in your mind and make you informed about how and where to find. This poster provides an effective and practical approach to your initial flight training.

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