IFR Flight Training Glasses


✔Polycarbonate plastic frame that provides durability and lightweight comfort. Made from high-quality plastic, ensuring long-lasting use.
✔Frosted Lenses meant to prevent visibility through them and give the user the authentic view of Instrument Meteorological conditions throughout the use of this aviation basic & advanced training device.
✔ Quality-made IFR View Limiting Devices made by Flight Training Shop (FTS). Comes with a rubber-based & durable case.
✔Comfortably wear these training goggles underneath pilot headsets. More convenient and cost-effective than hood or visor options.

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IFR Flight Training Glasses for Student Pilots, IFR Certified View Limiting Device for Pilot Training & Simulation of Instrument Meteorological Conditions  (7 x 5 x 2.5 inches; 3.5 Ounces)

This product has been designed to help the student pilots train for instrument conditions. These handy glasses restrict the view of the user in a way that only allows vision to the instruments inside the cockpit. It comes with a one size fits all build so that it can accommodate users if all face sizes with its adjustable temples. It also comes with a carry case so that the user can protect them in their flight bag and extend the life of the product. They are designed with strong plastic so that they can be used over long durations and flights without discomfort. They are tested and used by pilots to simulate
Instrument Flight (IFR) conditions and will work great for any student or pilot looking to get practice “under the hood.” These work well for logging simulated instrument conditions with a safety pilot during instrument training toward your instrument rating (IR), or when you are looking to log instrument approaches for instrument currency as long as you are with a safety pilot. You must only use these in any aircraft only if you are with an appropriately rated safety pilot.
★★ Flight Training Shop (FTS) endeavors for safety, situational awareness, professionalism, and excellence in each of our products and services.


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