Student Flight Training Start-Up Bundle: All In One


Perfect Bundle for introductory students with all the necessary gadgets, books, and posters.
Very handy and informative bundle. All In One
This handy bundle will be a unique source to accomplish your private pilot flight training from ZERO to HERO.

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Perfect Bundle for introductory students with all the necessary gadgets, books, and posters. This handy bundle includes Pilot VFR & IFR Kneeboard, E6B Flight Computer, Rotary Plotter, Pilot Logbook, All In One : Private Pilot Handbook, Cessna 172 Universal Quick Reference Checklist (Carbutaror & Injection), 2-Piece Poster Set (Private Pilot Study Guide, Private Pilot Oral Exam Guide), VFR Planning Pad (80-Pages), Mouse Pad with Sectional Chart (Orlando VFR Sectional),  Achievement Certificates for SOLO Flight & Private Pilot.

Very handy and informative bundle. All In One. Lots of significant information for student pilots. This bundle has everything you need to know & have for a quick reference.

Private Pilot Initial Training requires studying, understanding and memorizing and so many aviation terms ranging from Airplane Parts, Instrument, Airman Certification Standards (ACS), Traffic Patterns and Aviation Phraseology in contact with Air Traffic Control Units to VFR Navigation, Weather Theory and Basic Aerodynamic Principles. This bundle will be a unique source to start up your aviation training and cover the aforementioned principles and information.

Once Someone starts a private pilot course, All components of this budle will be a Great resource for beginners to improve their aviation skills, visualized memory (Visualized Poster Set) and to learn the detail of all crucial content of Private Pilot Training. Every subject matter in the Private Pilot Handbook is briefly explained on a need-to-know basis. Especially, Private Pilot Maneuvers, the sequences of each maneuver – the effect of each maneuver on the airframe – the corrective action to be taken thoroughly.

Here are the contents of this Bundle.
👉  All In One Private Pilot Handbook covers a range of subject matters associated with:

✔ Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards (ACS),  ✔ Maneuvers, (43 Figures, colorful design) ✔ Oral/Written/Practical Exam Guide, ✔ VFR Communication Practices, ATC, ✔ Comprehensive Private Pilot Glossary.

👉 Cessna 172 Quick Reference Checklist (QRC):
All Vital Checks (with explanatory notes) Normal Procedures
PAX and Takeoff Briefing Flight Maneuvers  Traffic Pattern Requirements
Simulated Forced Landing Procedures  V- Velocity Speeds
ATC Light Gun Signals TAF & METAR Abbreviations
Approach Checklist (IFR) Abnormal Procedures

👉 Pilot Aluminium Kneeboard, including 80-sheet VFR Notepad, Iron Round disc for Phone & Flashlight (Ready to copy all ATC Instructions.)

👉 E6B Flight Computer & Rotary Plotter
This handy Rotary Plotter is essential along with the E6B Flight Computer to prepare VFR NAVIGATION LOG. (Route Course & Distance Calculations)

👉 2-Pieces Poster Set: 2-Set of Posters will help you improve your visualized memory in both ground and flight training. Visualization and action are intimately connected, involving the motor cortex. Over time the brain learns our routine movements, allowing these actions to become more automatic and fine-tuned. The main purpose of FAA Private Pilot Training Study Guide & Oral Preperation Posters is to give you some self-confidence during your training period and help visualize the subject matters in your mind. This poster provides an effective and practical approach to your initial training. As long as you succeed in visualizing the subject matters, this daily, hourly exercise will make your theory flight training shorter, more successful, and more sustainable.

👉 Pilot & Aviator Mouse Pad designed with VFR Sectional Chart
The thick high-quality mousepads are printed with a portion of an actual full-color VFR Sectional chart!  This VFR Sectional area covers the B-C-D-E-G, TFR, and Prohibited airspaces to study.  Mouse Pad VFR Sectional Chart Overview – Orlando VFR Airspace.

👉 FAA Standard Professional Pilot Logbook, Black, 658 Entries.

👉 Private & SOLO Pilot Achievement Certificates are truly worthy of your flying accomplishment. The main purpose of handy, double-sided certificates is to keep your flight memories fresh, and unforgettable. The certificates cover all aspects of flight such as day of accomplishment, METAR of the day, CFI-DPE-Chief Instructor, Type of Airplane (model and, and comments of your friends in your flight training circle.

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