FAA Private Pilot Training Study Guide. (2-sided Poster, Size 27 x 19 In)

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This handy poster will help you improve your visualized memory in both ground and flight training.
✔ Visualized memory items & images make you more confident and help achieve your both practical and theory training ASAP.
✔ For beginners, the most difficult part is to learn the detail of all principle maneuvers and sequences of each maneuver, the effect of each maneuver and the corrective action to be taken thoroughly.
✔ The more visualized memory and familiarization with subject matters, the less money You will spend during your theory & practical training


FAA Private Pilot Training Study Guide. (2-sided Poster, Size 27 x 19 In)
Pilot Training Study Guide

✔ Easy to fold (A5 size) and keep in your flight bag. (Poster, Size 27 x 19 In)
✔ There is a lot of significant information and subject matters related to the regulations that the student Pilots have to study for easy check-ride.
(89 Subject Matters are explained on the basis of need-to-know. Additionally, 31- Pieces of Crucial Visualized Memory Items to know are added to the poster.)

👉 Very handy and informative. All In One. Lots of significant information for student pilots. It has everything you need to know for a quick reference. This foldable, handy poster includes the essential Private Pilot Training Subject Matters. The colorful and visualized design makes the posters very attractive and handy-dandy to be familiar with all subject matters.  Once Someone starts a private pilot course, Great resource for beginners to improve their visualized memory and to learn the details of all principle maneuvers – the sequences of each maneuver – the effect of each maneuver on the airframe – the corrective action to be taken thoroughly. Every subject matter is briefly explained on a need-to-know basis.

👉 Private Pilot Initial Training requires studying, understanding, and memorizing and so many aviation terms ranging from Airplane Parts, Instruments, Airman Certification Standards (ACS), Traffic Patterns and Aviation Phraseology in contact with Air Traffic Control Units to VFR Navigation, Weather Theory, and Basic Aerodynamic Principles.
👉 This Poster is called ‘FAA PRIVATE PILOT TRAINING STUDY GUIDE` and covers the essential Private Pilot Training Subject Matters. The main purpose of the FAA Private Pilot Training Study Guide is to give you some self-confidence during your training period and help visualize the subject matters in your mind. This poster provides an effective and practical approach to your initial training. As long as you succeed in visualizing the subject matters, this daily, hourly exercise will make your theory flight training shorter, easier, cheaper, more successful, and more sustainable.
👉 Why is visualizing the subject matters in our mind so important in Flight Training?
– Visualizing the images is a learning style. Information may be learned in a variety of ways: by seeing or hearing, by reflecting or acting, analyzing or visualizing, or it may be learned piecemeal or steadily. Evidence from the scientific community has shown that Visualization and Imagining allow us to remember effectively and mentally rehearse our intended movements. Visualization and action are intimately connected, involving the motor cortex. Over time the brain learns our routine movements, allowing these actions to become more automatic and fine-tuned.
👉This handy `FAA PRIVATE PILOT TRAINING STUDY GUIDE` poster has been designed in the light of the aforementioned information, using an effective and practical approach, helpful hints, and the associated with FAA Airman Certification Standards to help grab the information ASAP while keeping all visualized images in your mind.
👉 What’s the technique for visualizing the images and essential data? How frequently should this be practiced?
Hang up the poster in front of you.
★★ Look at the images for a few moments, several times a day. (Perspective is also important. )
★★★Close your eyes, and try to visualize the object as clearly as you can, without opening your eyes, for as long as you can, even if it is only for a few seconds at first.
★★★★ Try to see and remember all the details. (For example, 6-pack instruments, Hold short of lines, Sequence of Traffic pattern and legs.)

Here are the most important contents of the poster:    

👉 Start-up Procedures and Requirements for Private Pilot Flight Training. 👉 Airplane Components and Axes (Primary Flight Controls) 👉 FAA Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards (ACS) 👉 ATC Light Gun Signals 👉 METAR/TAF Abbreviations and Acronyms 👉 Flight Instruments, Way of Operation & Limitations. 👉 Center of Gravity Theory (Weight & Balance) 👉 Aerodynamic Forces in Flight, Bernoulli`s Principle: Airfoil, Lift, Pressure, Velocity Relation 👉 Use of Airspace and Limitations 👉 Airspace Weather Minimums 👉 Traffic Pattern Procedures 👉Lost Procedures 👉 VASI Visual Approach Slope Indicator and Indications. 👉 Wind Correction During Taxi, Aileron and Elevator Deflection 👉 Normal, Slipping and Skidding Turns in Rudder Placements. 👉 Airport Signs, Hold Short of `Where`, How to cross the yellow solid and dashed lines.

👉 Flight Training Shop (FTS) endeavors for safety, situational awareness, professionalism, and excellence in each of our products and services in every line of Aviation Training.
Note: 3 MIL (. 003″) thickness laminate provides adequate protection yet is still thin and flexible enough to allow the printed piece to be folded. (foldable to A5 size)

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70 x 50 CM (27 x 19 IN)

3 reviews for FAA Private Pilot Training Study Guide. (2-sided Poster, Size 27 x 19 In)

  1. Kevin

    This handy poster is everything you’ll need. All in One. I purchased this handy Private Pilot Handy Poster because I wanted to refresh all my Private Pilot Knowledge. the price wasn’t too expensive. This is a great source of studying for Students and aviators holding PPL though. I just started working on my ppl and I feel like this will be helpful with my study. Poster is loaded with alot of info. Has a thick quality feel to it. If you really want to understand and visualise all ins and outs related to Private Pilot Requirements,Strictly Recommend. Great Product.

  2. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Great Source for beginners. An effective and practical approach to visualize the images. 33- Pieces of Crucial Visualized Memory Items, Two Sided, foldable. Every subject matter briefly explained on a need-to-know basis.

  3. Walter (verified owner)

    @-sided. Lots of Info. Very helpful hints and associated with ACS. Every subject matter briefly explained on a need-to-know basis. Additionally, It can be easily folded to A5 size.

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