2022 Pre-Tabbed FAR AIM-ASA and POH TABs (Complimentary Private Pilot Comprehensive Guide (Pocket Size) & Red Dot Stickers)


Pre-Tabbed 2022 FAR AIM Book for Student Pilots


Pre-Tabbed 2022 ASA FAA FAR/AIM Federal Aviation with Complimentary Gifts.
★★ With this purchase, You will get a Pre-tabbed FAR AIM Book (not including POH Book),  Private Pilot Pocket Book, Red Dotted Stickers)
This product was designed for aviators who are working towards achieving their license or rating while getting ready for a check-ride. Most of the flight instructors will tell you that a tabbed FAR/AIM looks great on check-ride day to the Examiner.

Page flags are purely intended to assist the student pilots in order to get to know the FAR AIM Regulations and the contents of the book. Tabs (52-pieces, 14 Vertical, 38 Horizontal) are small (as seen in the picture) for it covers all pilot training stages including Private, Instrument, and Commercial Pilot. Tabs/Page Flags are made of adhesive paper.

Regulations/Aeronautical Information, 52-Piece Adhesive Tabs Plus Placement Template. ★★ The content of the tabs covers Student Pilot, Private, Instrument, Commercial Pilot, Part 61, 91, 141, 135 Operations, etc.)
It s ready to study all subject matters for Student Pilots
★★ This crucial book is essential in order to make you more confident in better understanding aviation regulations.
★★ Vertical/Horizontal Tabs will help you reach the pertinent information in quickly finding topics in the FAR-AIM.
★★Pre-tabbed 2022 (ASA) Federal Aviation Regulations /Aeronautical Information Manual (2022 FAA FAR/AIM are very useful for those who will make preparation for the Student Pilots during the flight training and oral exam with DPE.
★ Most students and aviation enthusiasts are seeking a good way of studying the strategies of FAR/AIM. (1181-page book for professional aviators & new beginners)
★★ The main purpose of this template is to bookmark/highlight the pertinent sections of FAR/AIM, (Pls Use the red round stickers to the subject matters which you thought `important`) specifically for those who want to study FAR/AIM to pass the FAA Knowledge, Oral and Practical Tests.
★★ It is essential that Private/Instrument/Commercial Pilots become familiar with the continuously changing regulations and procedures. 2022 FAR AIM Tabs covers the requirements of Private/Instrument/Commercial Pilot training needs for the theory of ongoing flight training asked by the examiner.
★★ It will be easier to pass PPL/IR/CPL Check ride as long as you study all the parts that will be tabbed.

★★ ALL IN ONE. Private Pilot Pocketbook- Comprehensive Guide for Maneuvers-Oral Prep-ATC Comm, VFR Navigation LOG, W&B Sheet, ATC Private Pilot Glossary and more ..
Condition is Brand New, 210 Pages, 70 Figures.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All tabs (56-pieces, 31 Vertical, 16 Horizontal) are compatible with the dimension of the book that it covers all pilot training stages including Private, Instrument and Commercial Pilot. Tabs/Page Flags are made of durable plastic to resist any tearing.
One of the aviators is asking ` I read that these are plastic tabs but why do they tear? Are they so thin that they rip?` Plastic TABs are durable and strong. These are thicker than 1 mm (0.04 In) and not easily possible to tear.

★★ Flight Training Shop (FTS) endeavors for safety, situational awareness, professionalism, and excellence in each of our products and services.

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