2024 GLEIM Pre-Tabbed FAR AIM (Complimentary POH Tabs, Private, Instrument, Commercial Pilot Posters , Round Stickers, SOLO, VFR Sectional Mouse Pad))


Pre-tabbed 2024 GLEIM FAR AIM Book for Student Pilots, Ready to Study.
ALL IN ONE Triple Poster Set, Visualized Private Pilot, Instrument, and Commercial Pilot Training Maneuvers.
Solo & Private Pilot Achievement Certificates
VFR Sectional Mouse Pad
Red Dot Stickers


👉 Checkride is coming up. Getting lost in the FAR AIM Book, No worries. Here is the solution including all Flight Training Stages (Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, ATP …)

★★Pre-tabbed FAR AIM 2024 (GLEIM) Federal Aviation Regulations /Aeronautical Information Manual ( FAA FAR/AIM are very useful for those who will make preparation for Student Pilots during flight training and oral exams with DPE.

★★ It is essential that Private/Instrument/Commercial Pilots become familiar with the continuously changing regulations and procedures. 2023 FAR AIM Tabs covers the requirements of Private/Instrument/Commercial Pilot training needs for the theory of ongoing flight training asked by the examiner.

★★ With this purchase, You will get a Pre-tabbed FAR AIM Book (not including POH Book), 3-Piece Poster SET: Private, Instrument, Commercial Pilot Visualized Maneuvers,  Pilot Operating Book (POH) Tabs, Red Dotted Stickers, Certificates for Achievements-Solo Flight, Private Pilot Achievements.)

This product was designed for aviators who are working towards achieving their license or rating while getting ready for a check ride. Most of the flight instructors will tell you that a tabbed FAR/AIM looks great on check-ride day to the Examiner.

★★The main purpose of the `Visualized Private Pilot Maneuvers Poster` is to give you some self-confidence during your training period and help visualize the subject matter in your mind. This poster provides an effective and practical approach to your initial flight training.  Here are the Posters and contents. Just a kindly reminder. For new beginners, the most difficult part is to learn the details of all principal maneuvers and sequences of each maneuver, the effect of each maneuver, and the corrective action to be taken thoroughly. These posters will cope with your troubles to make the training period easier, shorter and even cheaper.

👉 Number 1: Private Pilot Visualized Flight Training Maneuvers   (Poster, Size 27 x 19 In)
Here are the most important contents of the poster:
Slow Flight, Steep Turns, Power Off Stall (Landing Stall), Power On Stall (Landing Stall), Accelerated Stall, Turn Around a Point, Rectangular Course, Go Around Procedures (Rejected Landing), S-Turns, Simulated Engine Out (Engine Failure) Procedures in Flight, Crosswind Takeoff and Landing.

👉 Number II: Instrument Pilot Visualized Flight Training Maneuvers   (Poster, Size 27 x 19 In)
Here are the most important contents of the poster:   
Holding Patterns, VOR Orientation, Airman Certification Standards (associated with ICAO-FAA-EASA Regulations), Procedure Turn (5T, 45 / 180 Degrees and Chart Review), Segments of an Instrument Approach, Precision Approach (ILS and Chart Review), Non-precision Approach (LOC and Chart Review), Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI), IFR Communication Failure Procedures and A Case Practice from Orlando to Kissimmee (KORL to KISM), Recovery From Unusual Flight Attitudes (High/Low Speed, Nose Up / Down), Approach Briefing.

👉 Number III: Commercial Pilot Visualized Flight Training Maneuvers   (Poster, Size 27 x 19 In)
Here are the most important contents of the poster:
Lazy Eight, Steep Turns, Slow Flight, Accelerated Stall (Turning Stall), Chandelles and Steep Spiral

★★ How to study? Hang up the poster in front of you.
Look at the images for a few moments, several times in a day. (Perspective is also important. )
Close your eyes, and try to visualize the object as clearly as you can, without opening your eyes, for as long as you can, even if it is only for a few seconds at first.
Try to see and remember all the details.

★★ Why is the Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) so important for aviators and student pilots?
It’s absolutely essential for Student pilots in accordance with VFR Navigation, W&B, takeoff distance roll, system descriptions and Preparation for oral-written and practical exams.
8-piece POH TABs will help you increase your knowledge and shorten both ground and flight training. (The more familiarization with subject matters in the POH, the less money and energy you will spend during your theory & practical training- Power of knowledge)

Note: If you need any POH (Pilot Operating Handbook), Pls Click the link below `Aviation Books`

★★ Vertical/Horizontal Tabs will help you reach the pertinent information in quickly finding topics in the FAR-AIM.

★ Most students and aviation enthusiasts are seeking a good way of studying the strategies of FAR/AIM. (1181-page book)

★★ The main purpose of all publications is to bookmark/highlight the pertinent sections of FAR/AIM, help student pilots improve the Visualized Memory for Flight Training Maneuvers,, (Pls Use the red round stickers to the subject matters which you thought `important`) specifically for those who want to study FAR/AIM to pass the FAA Knowledge, Oral and Practical Tests.

★★ It will be easier to pass PPL/IR/CPL Check ride as long as you study all the parts that have been tabbed.

★★ Visualized Maneuver Posters help find all required maneuvers in detail, including Private, Instrument, and Commercial Pilot Stages, (All Maneuvers ranging from Private, Instrument-Commercial Pilot Training have been visualized and designed to make you more confident and help visualize the subject matters in your mind.), easy to access to the information even during the practical part of training.

★★  VFR Sectional area covers the B-C-D-E-G, TFR, and Prohibited airspaces to study.  Mouse Pad VFR Sectional Chart Overview – Orlando VFR Airspace.

★★Flight Training Shop (FTS) endeavors for safety, situational awareness, professionalism, and excellence in each of our products and services. We always do things right on behalf of you. SAME-DAY 2-day Accelerated SHIPPING. 


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