Saudi Arabia is looking for B737NG Captains, 18K Basic Price Plus Bonuses!

Pilot Shortages have started to be a huge concern in the aviation industry.
Pilot Shortages in both Middle East & Eastern Asia Countries are getting more complicated and companies just increase the basic price and offer incentive bonuses for urgent start-ups.
It’s unfortunate to hear about the ongoing pilot shortages in both the Middle East and Eastern Asia. This is a complex issue that arises from a combination of factors, including the rapid expansion of aviation industries in these regions, increased demand for air travel, and challenges in training and retaining qualified pilots.

Offering higher salaries and incentive bonuses for immediate start-ups is one way for companies to attract and retain qualified pilots in a competitive market. This practice, known as “pilot retention” or “pilot recruitment incentives,” is not uncommon in the aviation industry, especially during times of high demand and limited supply of qualified personnel.

Here is a sample example,

However, it’s important to note that while financial incentives may help attract pilots, they may not fully address the underlying issues causing the shortage. Long-term solutions may involve investing in pilot training programs, improving working conditions, and addressing other factors that may be contributing to the shortage.

Additionally, governments, airlines, and aviation organizations in these regions may need to collaborate on initiatives to expand training capacity, streamline certification processes, and create policies that encourage career development in aviation.

Ultimately, addressing pilot shortages requires a multi-faceted approach that involves various stakeholders working together to ensure a sustainable and capable pilot workforce for the future.

Umit OZTURK, FL Sep,2023

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