Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! — Not for aircraft,, but for passengers only..

Yes, you read that correctly. Right before take off at the highly trafficked London’s Heathrow Airport, a man flying to Nigeria, drops his pants and defecates dead center of the aircraft’s economy class cabin.These things happen.

Airport Authorities have started an investigation into the incident If the act was intentional, that is a gross offense.
A passenger flying to Nigeria pooped on the floor of the economy class cabin in a British Airways flight from London Heathrow.
Right before take-off from London Heathrow Airport, a man flying to Nigeria drops his pants and defecates dead center of the aircraft’s economy class cabin.
During boarding, a passenger stripped from the waist down and defecated on the galley floor. He sat in it and rubbed it onto the galley floor and aisle carpets,” the witnesses’ told The Sun following the incident that took place October 7th.

When passengers couldn’t imagine their travel story to get any worse, the flight takes an even more disturbing turn when the man begins to lotion his body with his own feces. Shocking both the staff and the passengers, he continues to smear his feces into the carpet and on the seats of the plane. Terrified by what they were witnessing, crew members promptly began to notify emergency officials to remove the man off the plane.

“He walked in it and started running up the aisle as far as Door 4. He smeared his arms to elbow in fecal matter, and door seats as he went,” they continued.

Authorities officially called the incident a “hygienic biohazard,” according to the report.

“The curtains and carpets were severely contaminated. Very important that a hygienic biohazard and deep clean is carried out and properly supervised and signed off,” it states.

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