WHY ATP CTP Course. How Long ? How Much? What should I study?

Recommended Course Location is Aerostar Training Services, Orlando, FLORIDA, because of the smiling face staff and cost-effectiveness.

Dear Friends,
Aviation is opening, and opportunities coming up soon.
The number of ATP-licenced pilots (from ICAO Countries and Europe) looking for a job in both the USA and South America is getting higher because the job opportunities started booming again.
I would like to help Airline Pilots who are currently flying in Airlines (Europe, Middle East, and Asia) improve their experience in terms of converting their licenses from EASA & ICAO ATP to FAA ATP License..

Here are some vital steps for those who are EASA & ICAO JAA ATP License Holders to convert their licenses to FAA ATP easily.
First Step. Send an Email to FAA explaining below.

Subject: Foreign PPL to FAA PPL conversion request

To Whom It May Concern

I am an EASA ATP / ICAO ATP/ Private Pilot License holder of ……… Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
Organization. I would like to join the ATP CTP Program in Flight Training
Organization ” Aerostar Training Services LLC”, located in Orlando- Florida- USA.
For this reason, I would like the FAA to verify my foreign license and
provide me with an authentication paper on my Foreign EASA & ICAO License, please. Required documents
and AC Form 8060-71 are attached to this email.
A: EASA ATP License, Appendix B: Medical Certificate, Appendix C: AC Form 8060-71

Best Regards
Name /Surname

Don’t forget to fill out the form and Sign.

In the waiting period (the ICAO License is for almost 90 days, while the EASA is for 15 days), Aerostar Training Services is to issue an I20 Paper to apply to the USA Consulate for an M1 Visa. Tourist VISA B1/2 is not to be accepted by any ATP Course Provider in the USA. A M1 Visa is a must.
Application to USA Consulate and get M1 VISA. (The person who is in charge of admission in Aerostar Training Services will send you a form that will explain in detail all stages step by step.)

Step II: Enrollment to TSA .. You will need a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) background check. Online Application.
Access the TSA Universal Enrollment Services (UES) website to begin the TSA background check application process. Create an account and complete the required forms, providing accurate personal information and details.

Once there, you will go to the section that says Create A New Account. Click ‘ENTER’, and this will take you through the instructions on how to set up your account with TSA. Remember to always submit personal information exactly as it appears on your passport.

AeroStar Training Services Expands its Simulation Training Campus | Orlando  Economic Partnership

Important Note: Before enrollment Procedures, You are supposed to enroll in the Aerostar ATP CTP Course Program and You should have the school code and other important info asked by TSA Online Registration. Enrollment fee: 130 Dollars.

My advice to my promising pilot Friends is that you should complete the all procedures related to TSA acceptance. In this period you’ll get a couple of emails from TSA. Pls follow up on all emails and keep them safe…

Step III : You have to complete the ATP CTP classes in the Aerostar Training Center.
After a week of lecture onsite (4-5 days of condensed classes), ready to Take the FAA ATP Written Exam. The best way is to study Written Exam in your home country before coming to the USA.
(My advice to attendees is to enroll in the Sheppardair ATP Written Exam DATABASE.. I think You will have to pay 85 Dollars one time, including all question database which is daily updated, FAA ATP Written Exam… )

If you’re already type-rated to any airliner in your home country, That’s all you have to do. 

If you need a type rating in B 737/ A320. You’ll be training for almost one month ” Initial Type Rating SIC Program ” 

Step IV: You must pass the 737/320/777 type rating program. (Whichever You have had)

How much does it cost? Actually, 10 K is good enough to meet all expenses, including ATP CTP Course Fee, Accommodation (at least 20 days in Orlando), Car Rental, Exam Fees, Enrollment Fee, FAA Examiner Fee, and so on…

Miss Deidra is the Operational Manager of Aerostar and she’s very eager to help improve your licenses to FAA. Contact e-mail:

AeroStar Training Services & Khmer Pilot Training Partnership

Deidra Toye
Chief Executive Officer
AeroStar Training Services, LLC
3954 Merlin Drive Kissimmee, Florida USA 34741
+1(407) 888-9011

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